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- Achat Quatre Bornes de Rs 6.5m à 7.9m


Coming project for detached residential units in a gated and secured complex in Quatre Bornes overlooking Victoria avenue. From the complex you can bypass busy parts of the main road that is through inner streets get to different regions like Rose Hill, Palma to west, fluid part to St jean road then motorway.

From the complex access to all amenities, several supermarkets and convenience stores, shopping, market, bus station, post office, bakeries, sports complex among others.

This is a region of high value and for sure it is a very good investment. Payment will be done on progress of construction and completion as per a defined schedule.

See our images for location and prices. For more information and schedule of payments, email us your request.

Prices vary from Rs 6.5m to Rs 7.9m

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