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Nature's Spa 

96 Trianon Avenue No.1, Quatre Bornes

60 mins promo price Rs 1200

Celebrate love at Nature's Spa.Our Duo des Sens ( couple massage ) of 60 minutes is on promo at Rs 2100 for the whole month of February.  Gift Vouchers are also available.

Warm Winter Treats 
Zen Bamboo Spa | Rose Hill

Enjoy our warm winter treats for you and your loved ones to feel pampered and refreshed. Book your appointments on 58432062(emtel) 5927 4410 (MT).

Let's Save Our Paradise
Zen Bamboo Spa | Rose Hill

Relaxing Massage 1 hr (Rs 990 instead of Rs 1200) * Advanced Facial Max 1 hr (Rs 990 instead of Rs 1200) * Basic Facial Max 45 Mins (Rs 650 instead of Rs 800) *Hair cut only (Rs 100) - Hair will be donated for booms

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