Why Are Your Eyes Puffy And Tired Looking?

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If you look in the mirror in the morning and you’re the picture of exhaustion, the guilty culprit is usually your puffy and tired - looking eyes. Late nights and other contributors quickly take up residence under the eyes in the form of bags, sagging skin and wrinkles. Well, it’s time to find out how you can revive your peepers. Here are four of the worst causes for under eye wrinkles and tired eyes and our instant solution for fixing them: Twin villain’s , salt and alcohol cause the body to retain water that leads to puffiness everywhere including under the eyes. TOO MUCH SALT OR ALCOHOL You may love your salt- rimmed margarita cocktails or your Doritos but they’re wrecking the condition of your skin. LACK OF SLEEP According to the Mayo Clinic , insufficient sleep is one of the worst causes of under - eye bags. Not getting enough sleep dilates the blood vessels under your eyes, leading to swelling and dark circles.

Our tip: Switch off electronic devices in the bedroom and keep your bed a restful place for sleep.


A lthough , inadequate sleep is usually avoidable, growing old is not. As we age, the tissues around the eyes start to weaken. The delicate skin in the eye area grows less elastic and begins to sag, leading to more prominent eye bags and droopy, creepy skin.


Not only do you have to go easy on the saltshaker, it’s best to put away the sugar bowl, too. Sugar causes inflammation all over the body, including your complexion. Because the skin under the eyes tends to be thin,any inflammation or swelling is especially noticeable in this area. B.Treating the Eyes The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the face which is why using an eye cream is important. If a cream is too think, it can cause the area to become puffy. We all have different concerns when it comes to the eyes so here’s a few tips on how to treat the three most common ones. a. Lines and wrinkles The Cause

The eye area is usually the first area to show lines and wrinkles. The two main reasons for this are that the epidermis is around 5 times thinner around the eyes than the face, meaning it is much more delicate and subject to damage. Secondly the eyes are subject to continuous muscle causing expression lines. Eye Cream

When choosing your eye product for lines and wrinkles, look for ingredients that work to boost collagen and elastin production within the skin. Note this is different to ingredients that contain collagen. It’s the production of collagen and elastin that will help to reinforce the fibrous tissue and in turn plump out lines and wrinkles.


Lines and wrinkles can also be caused by dehydration (inside and out) so make sure you’re drinking enough water as well as using an eye cream that hydrates the skin. b. Bags, puffiness and dark circles

The Cause

Bags, puffiness and dark circles are most commonly caused by poor circulation around the eye area. When we’re tired or stressed, sympathetic nerves are activated which constrict the blood vessels. This slows down blood circulation causing it to build up underneath the eye s and make the skin appear dark. Eye Cream

Ingredients that stimulate micro-circulation are essential for helping to improve the problem long term such as Azarole bud or ingredients containing caffeine. Light pigments or optical diffusers are also great to reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags as a short term fix. These ingredients reflect light away from the dark shadowy area making the skin around the eye appear brighter, healthier and more luminous.


Keep a spoon in the freezer with cling f ilm wrapped around it. When your eye area flares up, take it out, unwrap the cling film and place the spoon on the eye area. This is great for when you wake up with puffy eyes. c. Loose and Sagging Skin

Unfortunately our skin is constantly in a battle with gravity and as we age features start to sag. When the skin’s support structure becomes weak the eyelids start to sag causing crows feet and loss of definition of the features. Eye Cream

Look for an eye cream works to rebuild the skin’s support structure in order to help lift and volumise the skin. Products that target the whole eye area including the eye lids (rather than just underneath) will also give you much more noticeable results. Tip

When applying eye cream, avoid dragging the skin or rubbing in the product as this damaging the skin and causes further sagging. Apply with your ring finger by gently tapping the cream around the eye socket. Give the eyes a boost

Any good eye cream should hydrate the area effectively as well a s treating a specific concern. To give your eyes an extra boost, we’d recommend using an eye mask at home or book a course of professional treatments which usually use products with much higher active ingredients for more noticeable results. Contenu sponsorisé par Rising Sun Spa Réservez votre moment détente au 674 2648



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